This particular project relies on mattress structures found little by little in the vicinity of my living spaces. The routes have been marked by these objects, which are clearly projected from the absurd, as they are referents of intimacy, in addition to being indicators of humanity. The street is the last place where it is expected to find a bed, an object that has loaded with dreams and the rest of the people who have spent the mitrad of their days in them.
The visual impact that causes me to see a mattress lying in any imagined site of the city seems fascinating, as well as evocative. It is precisely this observation that has led me to carry out this development in which I am currently working.These discarded objects store inside a metal frame of modular architectural composition, designed to operate horizontally, but when they are disposed vertically, they are completely transformed, giving rise to questions about the conceptual dyad between dwelling and dwelling. The metaphorical operation makes each structure, transformed, acquire the character of drawing, very similar to the preparatory schemes that are made for the design of multifamily room towers; are like a kind of blocks in the form of modules ready to be accommodated in urban geography, an issue that I have explored continuously in different moments of my work.
I am always wanting to say things that I perceive from Miami, it is a local vision of a global phenomenon. Here, the processes of gentrification undergone by the inhabitants of this city refer to what happens clearly in Latin America. Even what happens in the very niche of the artists who have vitalized spaces that once functioned as places with different vocations to the present, such as Wynhood, a neighborhood recovered by artists, among which I tell myself, thanks to the factors of rising soil prices, we have been displaced again and again to places that hope to have the same fate.
Each of the pieces of the project is built with one of those "metallic drawings". These drawings are supported by a concrete base and mounted on wooden platforms with wheels and a simple system of trawling, which recalls the halters that allowed to guide the beasts (as we call in Colombia to the equines) in the first constructions, of the first cities. Thanks to this the resulting installation is mobile, mutable as cities.
Materials: metal structure from discarded mattresses, reinforced concrete, wood, rope and wheels