For the realization of this project I have placed on Google maps, the location of my workplace. With the obtained plan I have modeled in plaster the massing of the different buildings that make my surroundings, I vacuum packed theme in plastic bags to get stabilize each "Rearranging" resulting.

Series of 24 pieces mounted in aluminum furniture
56” x 12” X12” / 140 cms x 30 cms x 30 cms / 2007-2009

Para la realizacion de este proyecto he ubicado en google maps,la localizacion de mi lugar de trabajo.Con el plano conseguido he modelado en plaster la volumetria de los diferentes edificios que componen mi entorno,luego los he empacado al vacio en bolsas plasticas consiguiendo asi estabilizar cada “Reordenamiento” resultante.

Work in the history and theory of architectural space are indispensable prerequisites for design. First of all, for a teaching of space design in architecture that adopts phenomenal space as an elementary foundation, in order to restore both the city and the building to this space, and consequently for a space design in architecture that would furnish phenomenal space with a conceptual application in order to allow both the city and the building to emerge from this space. That would be architecture! AN architecture that would lead the phenomenon architectural space-formation back (again) to a purposeful form of appearance: to an architecture of spaces

Uwe Schroeder